What a joy it is to introduce children to Christmas

Busloads of children and their families are dropped off in front of the church for the celebration. They are refugees from Myanmar, Syria, Congo, Kenya and other countries. Hesitantly they approach – this is all new.

There is an air of excitement and of anticipation. The church, the celebration and the people. What will they find inside?

The doors open and ready to greet them are dozens of volunteers around every corner. Wonderment and awe fill the children’s eyes as they gaze at the costumes and take in the lights and decorations.  Welcoming them are volunteers ready to guide the families through a day full of activities. From face painting, to photos with dressed up characters, to mini performances, to Christmas craft project tables, to games and a play. What day is not complete without a good wholesome meal?  All families are guided to the cafeteria where they are provided a full meal.

Introducing children to Christmas

Christmas Party for Phoenix Area Refugees

No family leaves empty handed

There are new friends that have been made, and memories that have been created.  Children depart with smiles holding gifts while family members have bags of household related supplies. All this is made possible through The Arizona Medical Clinic and Arizona Pain Foundation and the host, First Presbyterian Church in downtown Phoenix.

Many of these children left impoverished and devastating environments to come to America. Their families left everything behind as they had fled war and chaos with only those possessions they could carry with them.”1

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The Sponsors: The Arizona Medical Clinic and Arizona Pain Foundation

For many refugees who have recently settled in the Phoenix area, this is their first Christmas. Each year over the past nine years the party has grown. 2016 had the largest turnout yet, with close to 1200 children attending, many with family members. This would not be possible without the sponsorship of The Arizona Medical Clinic and Arizona Pain Foundation.  Hundreds of volunteers from these organizations including First Presbyterian Church help make this happen.

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Morning Glory, Mesa Arch

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