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Magnificent Kenya

Photographs for Magnificent Kenya

Magnificent Kenya

Photographs for Magnificent Kenya

Make An Impact in Kenya

Causes in Kenya

World Pix gives to many Kenya causes.

Every time we visit Kenya, our hearts leave full and we fall in love with the beautiful people and this beautiful country again and again.

Here is an overview of this amazing country.

Kenya Photos

Our Efforts in Kenya


Small airstrips and the smell of diesel fuel, well worn Land Rovers with exotic red plaid Maasai blankets, luxurious tented camps offering swimming pools and the most exotic and delicious curries.

For tourists, Kenya is undeniably about hospitality and Safari.Life and death struggles are played out between carnivores and herbivores over and over again on the savannah.

The Circle of Life

You spectate the big cats from the safety of a Land Rover and feel like an observer until one big cat singles you out from the crowd ....and then you know you are a possible meal.

Kenya has humbled you, made you feel at one with the world around you, and you know that you also participate in the circle of life that you are gifted to witness.

Social Problems

The citizens of Kenya, however, are struggling. Water is not always clean and available even if you live in the city, adding a layer of complexity to everyday life. As of 2005 17.5% of the population of

Kenya was living on less than $1.25 per day.Kenya has had free primary education (FPE) for all children since 2003.However, the quality of the education received at the public schools is subpar. “The children are attending school but very little learning is taking place,” says Mwangi S. Kimenyi, Director of the Africa Growth Initiative.

This is common knowledge among the people of Kenya, and so parents try to send their children to low cost private schools, which have better outcomes.However, most of these schools require payment in cash, up front, for the year.

Big Families - Big Problems

Three quarters of the population of Kenya is less than thirty years old, so large families with lots of kids is the norm.

When you are a single urban mom struggling to provide food for your children, low cost private school likely feels like a dream that is just out of reach.If you are a rural family, child labor is common, and many families face a choice of sending children to a FPE school where they know the children will receive sub par education, or sending their child to work, where at least they know the child will receive a paycheck.

These problems seem very much like insurmountable obstacles, with so many facets.How can you help?

WorldPix Sponsored Organizations

World Pix has partnered with the following organizations in Kenya to make a difference in the lives of the people here.

WorldPix has partnered with The Kenya Children’s Home to make a difference in this wonderful country.

Kenya Children's Home

Kenya Children’s Home (KCH) was established by the Balcraig Foundation in 2002 when the Scottish charity took over the running of the former Thomas Barnardo House in Nairobi. The orphanage is the flagship project of KCH and is home to up to 200 orphaned, destitute and abandoned babies and children at any one time.

These projects continue to enrich the lives of many hundreds of Kenyan children and adults every day.

Through Kenya Children’s Home and the associated projects, they help around 1700 children in Kenya every year. They have a committed team of 200 Kenyan staff including teachers, house mothers, management and social workers, all of whom have the single goal of providing the best care, protection and education to the children they help.

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