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Centre Marembo

Kigali, Rwanda

Make An Impact in A Childs life

About Centre Marembo

A Girls Journey To Centre Marembo

At the age of 12, she began working as a maid in a family home. After some time, her employer began abusing her and she contracted Hepatitis C and HIV from him.  Due to her infections she was then outcast from her community.

With nowhere else to turn, she found Centre Marembo and asked for assistance. Just like any other girl, she deserved a home and access to resources and her infections should not prevent her from receiving these basic necessities. She was provided with a single room separate from the other children and she learned how to prevent infecting others.

A Girl's Journey.. Continued

Unfortunately however, she still faces many challenges. The medication used to treat her HIV is not compatible with the medication used to treat Hepatitis. 

Currently, she is only being treated for HIV and her Hepatitis infection is being ignored. There is however medication that allows her to be treated for both infections simultaneously but they are expensive and out of reach for the centre. She is also currently working at the centre’s vocational school learning how to sew but our hope is that she can begin receiving a formal education along with her friends.

Centre Marembo - A Refuge

Centre Marembo is a refuge in Kigali city for girls on the street and abuse victims found by the community or local authorities.

The agents of the centre visit places in the city where street children are often found like markets, bus stations and town alleys. They organize listening and sensitization sessions, the centre will then proceed with the reintegration of children that are willing to leave the life on the streets behind.

A Tale of Two Houses

The Children are grouped into two houses.

Harakeye house: This is a house for children that will need a lot of effort to change their behaviour. These children are still in shock from being raped and having experienced violence, they might be drug users, and they might have psychosocial difficulties.

Abatuje house: Houses the children that have adapted to normal life again and are ready to accept psycho-social, medical coaching and integration into schooling, whether this is vocational, professional or social.

Centre Marembo Visit

WorldPix visited Centre Marembo in January 2017. Our donation of $1000 goes along way in making a difference. In addition, we donated a print from one of our photographers to encourage those who provide these services at the Centre Marembo.

You too can help these children by donating for a print of beautiful Rwanda.

Association Centre Marembo