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Phuket Sunshine Village

Phuket, Thailand

Make An Impact in A Childs life

About Phuket Sunshine Village

Living Conditions

In the aftermath of the the Tsunami that hit Phuket on the 26.12.04, members of the Lions Club of Phuket Andaman Sea decided to be involved in a longer term project to help the victims of the tragedy. Helping Children in need became the main objective of the Club, and the idea of creating a village slowly became to grow. lity, and run it for years to come.

Health and Wellness

Our staff at the Phuket Sunshine Village are regularly checking on the Children’s families and we are highly committed to help bring the Children back to their remaining Family and enable the Children to experience a normal Family life in a safe and caring environment. As long this is not the case, the (remaining) family of the children in our care can regularly visit the children at the village and if appropriate we do allow the child to stay with the family over the weekend.

Cause Origins

"I was so blessed by the wonderful volunteers who work at this amazing facility. Sunshine Village takes care of 100 Thai children at a time, that come to them from various backgrounds but with similar themes of abuse, neglect or abandonment. All WorldPix pictures sold from the beautiful country of Thailand will go to support this amazing cause. I pray that God will bless our work in Thailand."

-Paul Lynch, Founder - WorldPix

Safe Haven & Structure

For those children who have no safe options to live with relatives the Phuket Sunshine Village Foundation provides short-term and long-term family-based foster care guided by the principals of the Child protection laws of Thailand. All the children in our care are living in a family environment within the Phuket Sunshine Village. Many families who are living in poverty entrust their children into the care of various institutions, believing it will lead to a path out of poverty.