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Hope Jones Foundation

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Make An Impact in A Childs life

About Hope Jones Foundation


The Hope Jones Foundation has been established to bring hope to those traveling a similar road.

By providing medical and advisory support to both children and their parent, we can bring hope into lives at a time when all seems lost.


Enabling and empowering children with physical and mental challenges to reach their full potential.There is always hope.

Medical Mission

The Hope Jones Foundations wants to establish a network of medical and related contacts with overseas countries, to facilitate the sharing of ideas and treatment protocols which would be mutually beneficial to both South Africa and the networking parties.


The Hope Jones Foundation aims:

  • To establish a working relationship with the Medical Fraternity of Port Elizabeth, in order to provide medical services and advice to parents of children with mental and physical challenges.
  • To establish a support group/forum for parents and siblings.
  • Creating an awareness of the challenges faced by children with mental and physical challenges amongst all age groups within our local community.

Hope Jones Foundation History

Hope’s story started at 20 weeks pregnancy, when we had the joyous news that we would be having a second daughter.

Together with Sarah, our first daughter, we celebrated the prospect of a new sibling being added to our family in April 2008.

The name Hope was chosen without any idea of the challenges that lay ahead. We named her Hope as we believed that her life would bring hope to the lives of others.

The 21st of April 2008 arrived and our lives were plunged into turmoil and heartache. Hope was born with a Congenital Myopathy which affected all her voluntary muscles, to the extent that she was unable to swallow at birth. Added to this was a bi-lateral hearing deficit and other physical challenges. Her prognosis was bleak and uncertain.

So began our painful and traumatic journey with Hope along life’s highway.

— Gary, Deirdré, Sarah and Hope Jones

Purchasing a print from WorldPix enables WorldPix to provide financial support to Hope Jones, helping these children receive an education and prepare them for adulthood with a future.

For a one of kind experience, Hope Jones also offers volunteer opportunities to work onsite with the organization and the children.