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World Pix gives to many South Africa causes. Every time we visit South Africa, we don’t want to leave! We fall in love with the beautiful people and this beautiful country many times over. Here is an overview of this amazing country and our South Africa Causes.

South Africa, located at the southern most tip of the continent of Africa, has many things to offer the tourist.

There is a picturesque wine country,  in the regions of Stellenbosch and Franschhoek. There is highway along the coastline, beckoning the traveler to discover all the coast has to offer, and indeed, driving “The Garden Route” is a very famous activity.

South Africa Causes - GroupSouth Africa also has Kruger National Park, which is some of the best Safari on the entire continent.

Capetown is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with long white sand beaches, modern downtown and vibrant nightlife.


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Capetown also has penguins, which serve to remind you of how close you are to Antarctica, and how truly special and unique the ecology of this region is.

Juxtaposed against this unique and interesting  background are some complicated social problems. HIV infects around 13% of the Black population of South Africa, while only .3% of whites have HIV.   16% of the total population is covered by private healthcare, and the remaining 84% must use the public healthcare system which has chronic shortages of staff and supplies.

Unfortunately, anti-retrovirus are not always easy to come by.  In 2009, a bit over 50% of children in need of anti-retro viral therapy were receiving it.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 10.21.23 PMWith HIV infection comes AIDS, and children who are orphaned when their parents have died from disease.  It is estimated that there are 1,200,000 orphans in South Africa.

Forty-seven percent of the population of South Africa makes less than the national poverty level of $43 per month, and more than one third of the population occupies 13% of the land, often in insecure ways.

In 2008 the richest 10% of people earned 58% of the total income.


WorldPix Sponsored Organizations

World Pix has partnered with the following organizations in South Africa to make a difference in the lives of the people here.

Chaya Centre: Mount Olive Outreach

The Chaya Centre is a non-profit organization ministering  to the human needs of people infected and affected with HIV/AIDS and other terminal illness, while being the best provider in regards to community excellence and also providing spiritual support where needed.

Door of Hope

Door of Hope seeks to help meet the needs of abandoned, abused and orphaned children in South Africa, by providing loving and stable Christian environments, so that they may grow up to be people that have a positive effect in South Africa and the world.

The Hope Jones Foundation

The Hope Jones Foundation is a non-profit organization in Port Elizabeth, South Africa which was started with the goal to raise funds to enable children with mental and Physical challenges to reach their full potential.

The Hope Jones Foundation works with the medical community in South Africa to provide medical services and advice to parents of children with mental and physical challenges.

Sibahle Community Project

The Sibahle Community’s goal is to create a sustainable network of people in a community, working together to feed and care for each other, using human ingenuity and readily available resources.

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