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About Illinois CancerCare Foundation

No One Fights Alone

Since 2001, that’s been the mantra at the Illinois CancerCare Foundation. They want every cancer patient to have every weapon available in the battle against this disease.

Most families have many children, Their our work is about more than money. It’s about bringing feet to the fight, engaging people in the cause and inspiring them to take action.

Mission Statement

The Illinois CancerCare Foundation is committed to funding Research, Education, Patient Support and Assistance for a disease which affects 1 in 3 people.

As we fight to find cures for many types of cancers through nationally recognized research initiatives, it is our strong belief that our patients must have available to them every possible weapon in their battle. The Illinois CancerCare Foundation seeks charitable support from throughout central and western Illinois to accomplish these objectives.

Offering Hope

The Illinois CancerCare Foundation supports patients and their families dealing with a cancer diagnosis throughout central and western Illinois—covering a metropolitan service area of more than one million people.

Safe Haven & Structure

Children at Anjali House receive:

  • Uniforms so they can attend school
  • School supplies (books, paper, computer access)
  • Supplementary education (health, hygiene, basic finances, additional education for either college prep or vocational training)
  • An annual physical with a local doctor
  • An annual dentist checkup
  • Two nutritious meals a day (so students can focus on learning).

About The Illinois CancerCare Foundation

The Illinois CancerCare Foundation is a charitable organization like no other in our community.

While one hundred percent of the funds granted are used in our region to support cancer research, education, and patient support, the impact of our services resounds globally.  

Our foundation, in collaboration with Illinois CancerCare, helps bring the latest nationally renowned clinical cancer research trials right here to our community – giving cancer patients and their families greater access to advanced treatment options and greater HOPE close to home!

Purchasing a print from WorldPix enables WorldPix to provide financial support to Illinois CancerCare Foundation, helping cancer patients fight and ultimately beat the disease.

For a one of kind experience, Illinois CancerCare Foundation also offers volunteer opportunities to work onsite with the organization and cancer patients. 

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Our New Mission

As the Covid-19 outbreak continues to spread around the globe, we wanted to let all of our affiliates, donors, supporters and causes know we are still working to assist those most in need.  

We are grateful to have a very dedicated team positioned around the world who are all able to continue their work helping when and where they can.

Currently our focus is to support our causes with buying food and diapers for the children they serve, more vegetables will need to be grown for the clinics working with people who are HIV positive. We know there will be more displacement of people who are already less fortunate and struggling and WorldPix exists to support these issues.

The time to help is now, more so now than in the last 100 years!

We humbly request that you think about how you can help and act on that while staying safe and taking heed of important information and direction to help bring Covid-19 under control.

Stay safe
WorldPix team