Illinois CancerCare Foundation

NO ONE FIGHTS ALONE. Since 2001, that’s been the mantra at the Illinois CancerCare Foundation. They want every cancer patient to have every weapon available in the battle against this disease. Their our work is about more than money. It’s about bringing feet to the fight, engaging people in the cause and inspiring them to take action.

The Illinois CancerCare Foundation is committed to funding Research, Education, Patient Support and Assistance for a disease which affects 1 in 3 people. As we fight to find cures for many types of cancers through nationally recognized research initiatives, it is our strong belief that our patients must have available to them every possible weapon in their battle. The Illinois CancerCare Foundation seeks charitable support from throughout central and western Illinois to accomplish these objectives.

The Illinois CancerCare Foundation supports patients and their families dealing with a cancer diagnosis throughout central and western Illinois—covering a metropolitan service area of more than one million people.

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