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Diveheart’s mission is to “build confidence, independence and self-esteem in the lives of children, adults and veterans with disabilities through scuba diving, scuba therapy and related activities.” Their vision is “to install the “can do” spirit in participants, inspiring them to take on challenges that they may not have considered before. Using zero gravity and the adventure paradigm, we help participants believe that if the can scuba dive they can do anything.”

One of WorldPix’s photographer affiliates, Tanya Houppermans, has a personal connection with this cause.

My son Richard is 19 years old, he has autism, and he is a certified scuba diver. Becoming a diver has opened up a world of possibilities for him that just a few years ago we could have never imagined. I have seen how diving has given Richard confidence and increased his self-esteem. His life is so much more enriched by being able to travel and dive throughout the world, and I want those same opportunities for others who may have a disability. That is why I am so supportive of Diveheart and its founder, Jim Elliot. Jim does not take a salary from Diveheart; instead all of the money raised goes directly toward the program and its participants. Diveheart is based in the U.S., and also has a sister organization, Diveheart UK, in Great Britain. I have spoken with Jim about World Pix, and he is very excited and grateful to be one of World Pix's charitable causes.

Location: Crystal River, Florida, USA. Description: A manatee surfaces for a breath in Crystal River, Florida. No bait was used during this dive. IUCN Status: Vulnerable. Post-Processing: cropping, color temperature, brightness, clarity, spot removal, sharpening, dehaze
Diveheart in Action
Diveheart in Action
Helping others and working together for a common goal.

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