Rawanda Causes

Photographs for Ravishing Rwanda

World Pix gives to many Rwanda causes. Every time we visit Rwanda, we are inspired by the beautiful people and this beautiful country again and again.

Here is an overview of this amazing country and the Rwanda causes we support.

Rwanda Photos

Our Efforts in Rwanda

A small landlocked country surrounded exotically by The Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda,  Tanzania and Burundi, it rises majestically on volcanic mountains rimmed in clouds.   On these mighty peaks, at Volcanoes National Park you can obtain a permit to hike on foot  into the presence of the gentle and mighty Silverback.   This is Rwanda.    The temperatures are between 54 and 81 °F, daily, year round.   In addition to communing with some of the less than 900 –critically endangered–mountain gorillas left on the planet, you might choose to visit one of the many lakes or rivers scattered across the verdant green landscape.

Rwanda - Social Problems

In 1994, Civil War exploded in Rwanda.  Much of the atrocity was committed hand-to hand with knives, bullets being too expensive to use.  By some estimates, one million people lost their lives, which is the equivalent of one in five citizens, or twenty percent of the population of Rwanda.   The Civil War was ended by the Rwandan Patrioic Front (RPF), which is still in power today.

While Rwanda has made an admirable social and economic rebound since 1994,  it’s population is mostly rural and it’s economy is based on subsistence farming.     Water shortages, diseased livestock, and poor quality livestock feed all affect Rwanda’s ability to provide food for it’s citizens.   Other than picturesque landscape and amazing and rare animal life, Rwanda has few natural resources.

WorldPix Sponsored Organizations

World Pix has partnered with the following organizations in Rwanda to make a difference in the lives of the people here.

Worldpix is proud to partner with Centre Marembo and Gihembe in Rwanda.

Centre Marembo

Centre Marembo is a refuge in Kigali city for girls on the street and abuse victims found by the community or local authorities. The agents of the centre visit places in the city where street children are often found like markets, bus stations and town alleys. They organize listening and sensitization sessions, the centre will then proceed with the reintegration of children that are willing to leave the life on the streets behind. Centre Marembo regroups the children in two houses, based on the rehabilitation period that is expected.

Building Comraderie


Gihembe is a camp of Congolese refugees located in Gicumbi District, home to 12,904 residents.  American Refugee Committee manages Shelter/Construction, WASH, Health, Nutrition, and Livelihoods/Economic Recovery sectors in Gihembe.

Gihembe Refugee Camp