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About the process


WorldPix hand selects only a few premium, professional photographers who desire to make a contribution with their work. The selection process includes a detailed application, a review of their work by the board and a personal interview. 

When a photographer is invited to participate in WorldPix with a gallery, they are asked to select a charity to which the sale of their photographs will support. They may also nominate a new charity for WorldPix consideration. Up to 10 images may be selected to be featured on a WorldPix gallery.

The contract protects the rights of the photographer and their work, and the social media guide is our recommended social participation to increase the visibility of both the photographer in the WorldPix community and WorldPix in the photographer’s community.


We are looking for photographs that are suitable as gallery art prints. The photographer retains full copyrights to their photos. Photos presented on the WorldPix site are for web display.

Full resolution images are stored on a separate secure server and are used to process prints. Upon photographer selection, WorldPix reserves the right to use photos submitted for the promotion of the

WorldPix organization and causes. Photographers will be noted “copyright photographer”, on each image used. Selected photographers and their photos may also be featured on the website and on our blog.

When a photographer is invited to participate, he or she will also receive a Photographer’s Contract and Social Media guide.


The following will guide the photo selection process:

  • Does the photograph evoke an emotion response?
  • Does the photograph tell a story?
  • Would the photograph look good enlarged in a gallery?
  • Is there eye contact with the subject?
  • Does the photograph capture the personality of the subject?
  • Is it representative of the landscape, wildlife or the people of that country?
  • Does the photograph(s) provide a different style from work currently exhibited on WorldPix?


Photographers receive compensation for each print sold through WorldPix.

Up to 20% of the photograph purchase price is paid to the photographer.

It is our goal to encourage the highest level of work to be offered on the WorldPix site and to encourage photographers to continue to submit photos.

Submission Process

If you are interested in submitting your photos for consideration, please complete the application form below. We will reach out to you and provide a path for you to submit candidate images. Images submitted for review should be 2360 pixels across the long edge and submitted in sRGB color space. If accepted, these images will be used for the online gallery, and the photographer will also be asked to submit full-size images for print.

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