How WorldPix works

For each donation, WorldPix offers the donator a premium photographic print. Donated amounts are directed to support a charity selected by the photographer of the print.  Your purchase is a donation designed to make a difference in one of our countries, while you receive a museum quality print that you can enjoy for years to come.


Eighty percent of the donated amount goes to the WorldPix organization for the causes listed and may be tax deductible. WorldPix is a global nonprofit organization that is registered as a 501(c)3 organization within the United States.


When you make a donation, you may select to receive your print as a Giclee paper print. Print size is a standard A1 size (841 x 594 mm or 33.11 x 23.39 inches). Prints are made using archival paper with archival inks rated to 70 years.


WorldPix hand selects only a few premium, professional photographers who desire to make a contribution with their work. The selection process includes a detailed application, a review of their work by the board and a personal interview.  We are looking for photographs that are suitable as gallery prints. When a photographer is invited to participate in WorldPix with a gallery, they may also nominate a new charity for which the sale of their photographs will support. To learn more about participating with WorldPix as a photographer, visit our photographer information page.


Our causes span the globe. Each cause brings funding back to the country and / or the people of that country where the photo was taken. Our belief is our photographers take the photo in a country, and it is only right that the donations go back to support that country.

Each photographic print purchased from one of our galleries supports a selected cause.


WorldPix supports causes for people in four continents, Africa, Asia, Australia (New Zealand) and North America (United States). We continue to expand our causes and our countries and we are open to considering new countries and causes. Our goal is to support countries around the world.