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Chandler I AM - Background

Opioid addiction affects many thousands of people every single day.

The Chandler I AM Project provides services for people suffering from opioid addiction.

These services include: 

  • Resources
  • Treatment Options
  • Support and Guidance

The Chandler I AM project believes no matter where addicts find themselves financially, they should be afforded the opportunity to receive life-changing treatment.

Making a Difference - Chandler I AM

This organization makes a difference in the lives of many people every single day. They see the individual person inside of the addict. The compassion they show for those addicted to opioids and narcotics is remarkable. 

One story that stands out to us is that of Adam, who grew up in a normal family, with a normal life, doing normal things. Adam was anxious as a teen and started experimenting with several different types of drugs until the addiction took a strangle hold on him and his life.

He writes:

“I AM not what seems to be the obvious image of an addict. I don’t live on the streets and I don’t have a needle hanging from my arm. I AM a functional member of society, I have a job, I come from a good family, I have friends, I AM intelligent, I was raised well. Addiction does not discriminate and I AM part of an epidemic.”

The Chandler I AM project makes a difference in peoples lives with their approach to individuality and treating the internal struggles that plague the addicts life. Chandler I AM changes and saves lives daily, weekly and monthly. 

How We Help

We help Chandler I AM by providing financial assistance to this great cause. Our organization believes in the mission and vision of Chandler I AM and we believe the partnership is a natural fit.  

The National Institute on Drug Abuse and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the United States is fighting an opioid epidemic.

Our team realizes it’s more important than ever to understand the core of how opiate drugs work and why dependence on opioids can develop before people realize it.

We wanted to be a part of Chandler I AM because of that understanding and realization. Several members of our team have worked closely to fight this epidemic. We believe the treatment approaches and rehab options at this facility are highly effective.

How Your Donation Saves Lives

When you purchase a print, the donation goes to help causes like Chandler I AM and the people they serve. 

The financial gift turns you into a hero in the person’s life by rescuing them from the dark despair of opioid addiction. 

You give someone more than money, you give them hope, a belief in themselves and the support and guidance they need to continue to live a clean and sober life. 

The gift of giving is the best gift of all and in this case it saves and changes lives that so desperately need to be saved.