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As It Should Be

Pride.  Strength.  Beauty.  Dignity.  Traits inherent to their species.  All are reflected in this stunning photograph of lions living in Kenya.  There is a certain kind of calm which radiates from their gaze.  Exactly as it should be.

What is not as it should be is the condition of many of Kenya’s children, forgotten, frightened and weak.  No one to protect them, nurture them, or teach them the things they need to know.

The lion hunts at dusk and spends most of the day resting and sleeping.  There is no rest for a child who is hungry, abandoned and alone.  There is no pride.  No strength.  No beauty.  No dignity.  And eventually there is no life.

Kenya Children’s Home is working to change what should not be.  With an orphanage, two schools and a girls’ refugee center, a dedicated staff is providing these babies and children with the resources they need and the love they deserve.  You can help to further their goals.

For every donation extended on behalf of this cause, you will enjoy not only viewing the beauty of these majestic creatures caught in their natural habitat but also the beauty of knowing that life for at least one precious child has become what it should be.

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