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Care For Africa Foundation - Background

Lack of education, poverty and limited access to healthcare thousands of people in Tanzania every single day.

Care For Africa Foundation provides services for people suffering from a poor education, poverty, and sickness.

These services include: 

  • Sponsor Children Program
  • School Health Clinics
  • Care For Children (New Program)

Care for Africa sponsors the most vulnerable children in Tarime. Thanks to the dedication and financial support of the sponsors the children receive full boarding at a private school, uniforms and funding for school equipment.

Making a Difference - Care For Africa Foundation

Top Notch Health Program

The Care for Africa Health program has flourished with a successful and sustainable Rural School Health Clinic. The team running this program is proud to work with their Tanzanian colleagues, sharing resources and knowledge, build capacity and establish mentorship for Tarime Health Professionals.  The contribution of these colleagues to their clinics is invaluable – Care For Africa Foundation is privileged to work alongside Tanzanian Clinical Officers, Pharmacists, Nurses and Social Workers.

Treating Over 2,500 Children

Each year Care For Africa runs Rural School Health Clinics in the six rural primary schools, which Care for Africa operates in. At the health clinics they provide deworming medication to all students. Any student who is unwell is seen by their team of doctors, nurses and pharmacist and are provided with appropriate treatment or referred on to other hospitals for management. Each year the team of medical volunteers treats more than 2,500 children.

New Program – Care For Children

Care for Children is a program within Care for Africa. Its guidelines are to assist children within the Tarime district who have chronic health issues.  Initially the program will focus on: children with epilepsy; those who have plastic surgery needs; and orthopedic care.

How We Help

We help Care For Africa Foundation by providing financial assistance to this great cause. Our organization believes in the mission and vision of Care For Africa Foundation and we believe the partnership is a natural fit.  

The level of poverty in Tanzania is very high. Tanzania has made little progress towards reducing extreme hunger and malnutrition. The 2010 Global Hunger Index ranks the situation as “alarming”.  Children in rural areas suffer substantially higher rates of malnutrition and chronic hunger. Low rural sector productivity arises mainly from inadequate infrastructure investment; limited access to farm inputs, extension services and credit; limited technology as well as trade and marketing support; and heavy dependence on rain-fed agriculture and natural resources.

Our team realizes it’s more important than ever to understand the core of how we can help the children and families here and allow our efforts to bless these great people with the food, education, and health care they need to survive and thrive.

We can’t achieve this without you! We need your donation to help these suffering people every day.

How Your Donation Saves Lives

When you purchase a print, the donation goes to help causes like Care For Africa Foundation and the people they serve. 

The financial gift turns you into a hero in the person’s life by rescuing them from the dark despair of poor health and poverty. 

You give someone more than money, you give them hope, a belief in themselves and the support and guidance they need to pick themselves up and live full, healthy lives.

The gift of giving is the best gift of all and in this case it saves and changes lives that so desperately need to be saved.