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Mesa, Arizona - United States

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About Sunshine Acres


Our mission is to provide a loving, wholesome, Christian home for children who are separated from their parents and help them establish long-term relationships with stable parental figures, preparing them for success in adult life.


Sunshine Acres provides the emotional, social, physical, educational and spiritual support for the children in our care, so they may learn to manage their own affairs along with maximizing the development of their potential, abilities and interests. Our goal is to facilitate a child’s ability to function within a community environment in a style that is both meaningful and purposeful to himself and the community.


Sunshine Acres provides a loving, wholesome, Christian home for children who are separated from their parents and helps them establish long-term relationships with stable parental figures, preparing them for success in adult life.

Admission Process

Sunshine Acres admits boys and girls ages 5 to 15 (at time of admission), without regard to race, religion or national origin.

Children come to Sunshine Acres Children’s Home for a variety of reasons. Some have parents in prison while others have a parent who is too ill to care for the child. The family could be homeless or the child has been living with grandparents who find it difficult to care for their grandchildren.
Children of Sunshine Acres
A Wall of Children
Photos of their children decorate the wall of one home
Sunshine Acres Childrens' Home
Enjoying the water park after school

Sunshine Acres History

It started with a desire to give their lives to caring for children who are hurting and a faith that God would provide all they needed. Reverend James and Vera Dingman (Uncle Jim and Aunt Vera) had spent their lives serving those forgotten by society: the sick, the poorest of the poor, migrant families and those in prison. They were grandparents with no income, 11 years of mortgage payments, no electricity and a well with a broken pump. 

For 17 years, Uncle Jim and Aunt Vera prayed for a place where they could care for homeless children. Then the answer to their prayers came in 1953, when they sold their home, and with the help of the Mesa Optimist Club, made a down payment on 125 acres of Arizona desert with a few run-down buildings.

In 1954 Uncle Jim and Aunt Vera opened Sunshine Acres Children’s Home, which became the beginning of the Miracle in the Desert.

No child will ever be turned away for financial reasons. Sunshine Acres does not receive government support for the direct care of the children. Many friends, businesses, churches and volunteers contribute and host fundraising events on behalf of the home – proof that God is still working miracles in the desert.

Children on the playground

“That day we both felt that we should never solicit money, a board or a brick, and that no child would ever be turned away for financial reasons. God impressed upon us very strongly that this was His work. We were to take care of the children, and He would take care of the finances.”

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Our New Mission

As the Covid-19 outbreak continues to spread around the globe, we wanted to let all of our affiliates, donors, supporters and causes know we are still working to assist those most in need.  

We are grateful to have a very dedicated team positioned around the world who are all able to continue their work helping when and where they can.

Currently our focus is to support our causes with buying food and diapers for the children they serve, more vegetables will need to be grown for the clinics working with people who are HIV positive. We know there will be more displacement of people who are already less fortunate and struggling and WorldPix exists to support these issues.

The time to help is now, more so now than in the last 100 years!

We humbly request that you think about how you can help and act on that while staying safe and taking heed of important information and direction to help bring Covid-19 under control.

Stay safe
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