Myanmar (formerly Burma) is a country whose culture and people have remained largely unchanged for centuries. Myanmar provides an opportunity to see into the past where the ox and the donkey carts are a popular mode of transportation for those who can afford it. Where electricity is just reaching some villages, and most tasks are done as they have been done for centuries, like grinding peanuts for peanut oil using a mill and an ox.

Young child in Bagan. Photograph by Kathryn Dannay.

Young child in Bagan. Photograph by Kathryn Dannay.

For the most part, the people of Myanmar have yet to be influenced by the western culture outside of the city of Yangon. Tourists are a novelty, and mostly from Asia.

The people, after suffering such hardships through military rule and extreme poverty, are a contrast to their condition. They are surprising open and unafraid. They have seen the beginnings of change through the recent elections and believe that this path will continue. They are hopeful for a brighter future without really knowing what that encompasses.

Early morning in the village in Bagan

Early morning in the village in Bagan, by Kathryn Dannay.

It is surprising how open and willing young children and families smile for the camera. And how easily they open up their lives to visitors with their time, their smiles and a cup of tea. Their receptiveness changes people, from wanting to see the history and scenic landscapesto wanting to understand and capture the everyday lives of the people.

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