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Meritorious Myanmar

Photographs for Meritorious Myanmar

Meritorious Myanmar

Photographs for Meritorious Myanmar

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Causes in Myanmar

World Pix gives to several Myanmar causes. Every time we visit Myanmar, our hearts fill up to the brim with joy and happiness to be able to help so many.

We absolutely love the beautiful people in this beautiful country and return many times over. Here is an overview of this awesome Myanmar and the causes we support.

Myanmar Photos

Our Efforts in Myanmar


Myanmar (formerly Burma) is a country whose culture and people have remained largely unchanged for centuries.

Myanmar provides an opportunity to see into the past where the ox and the donkey carts are a popular mode of transportation for those who can afford it. Where electricity is just reaching some villages, and most tasks are done as they have been done for centuries, like grinding peanuts for peanut oil using a mill and an ox.

Geography & Population

Myanmar (also known as Burma) is the northwestern-most country of mainland Southeast Asia. It lies along the Indian and Eurasian Plates, to the southeast of the Himalayas.

The current population of Myanmar is 54,208,220 as of Wednesday, March 27, 2019, based on the latest United Nations estimates. Myanmar population is equivalent to 0.7% of the total world population.

Social Issues

It is surprising how open and willing young children and families smile for the camera. And how easily they open up their lives to visitors with their time, their smiles and a cup of tea.

Their receptiveness changes people, from wanting to see the history and scenic landscapes to wanting to understand and capture the everyday lives of the people.

Military Rule & Hardship

For the most part, the people of Myanmar have yet to be influenced by the western culture outside of the city of Yangon. Tourists are a novelty, and mostly from Asia.

The people, after suffering such hardships through military rule and extreme poverty, are a contrast to their condition. They are surprising open and unafraid. They have seen the beginnings of change through the recent elections and believe that this path will continue. They are hopeful for a brighter future without really knowing what that encompasses.

WorldPix Sponsored Organizations

WorldPix has partnered with the following organization(s) in America to make a difference in the lives of the people who have recently immigrated from Myanmar.

AZ Med Foundation

WorldPix is supporting the people of Myanmar through AZ Med Foundation, a local medical facility that provides health care to Myanmar refugees in the Phoenix area of the United States.

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Our New Mission

As the Covid-19 outbreak continues to spread around the globe, we wanted to let all of our affiliates, donors, supporters and causes know we are still working to assist those most in need.  

We are grateful to have a very dedicated team positioned around the world who are all able to continue their work helping when and where they can.

Currently our focus is to support our causes with buying food and diapers for the children they serve, more vegetables will need to be grown for the clinics working with people who are HIV positive. We know there will be more displacement of people who are already less fortunate and struggling and WorldPix exists to support these issues.

The time to help is now, more so now than in the last 100 years!

We humbly request that you think about how you can help and act on that while staying safe and taking heed of important information and direction to help bring Covid-19 under control.

Stay safe
WorldPix team