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arizona for africa 2019

arizona for africa 2019

Join Us For A Life Changing Saturday Night

Arizona for Africa Gallery, auction, and Kick-off Dinner - 2019

What is Arizona for Africa?

Arizona For Africa is a Gallery Showing and kick-off dinner that will change the lives of many people around the world.

This is how you can help!

Come join us for dinner to raise money for our charitable causes.

Dinner Details:

  • Date:  Saturday, November 9th 2019.
    (Includes a private gallery showing followed by dinner and an auction.)
  • Time: 6pm-9pm.
  • Amount: $100 per person donation benefits our causes (includes dinner).
  • * Semi-Formal Attire Recommended

Space is limited, so buy your tickets today

Event Location

Arizona For Africa – 2019 will be held at the Desert Foothills Lutheran Church:

29305 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85266

When you arrive, look for signs to direct you to the event.

Location Map

2019 Arizona for Africa Gallery

Arizona for Africa 2019 Causes

In 2018, We raised money for over 12 causes in Arizona and Africa. This year, our goal is to raise even more.

Read about the causes below.

Bana Ba Letsatsi

Bana Ba Letsatsi (BBL) was founded in 2002 to provide rehabilitation, shelter, nourishment, education, medical and emotional support for these children. BBL also supports the early childhood stage by providing many more community children with the opportunity to private preschools.

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Love Botswana

Love Botswana Outreach Mission is an organization, with a diverse staff of many nationalities, ages, single and married, all helping to grow and develop a ministry that focuses on equipping indigenous leaders to effectively reach their communities for Christ.

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Kenya Children's Home

Kenya Children’s Home (KCH) was established by the Balcraig Foundation in 2002 when the Scottish charity took over the running of the former Thomas Barnardo House in Nairobi. The orphanage is the flagship project of KCH and is home to up to 200 orphaned, destitute and abandoned babies and children at any one time.

These projects continue to enrich the lives of many hundreds of Kenyan children and adults every day.

Through Kenya Children’s Home and the associated projects, they help around 1700 children in Kenya every year. They have a committed team of 200 Kenyan staff including teachers, house mothers, management and social workers, all of whom have the single goal of providing the best care, protection and education to the children they help.

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Centre Marembo

Centre Marembo is a refuge in Kigali city for girls on the street and abuse victims found by the community or local authorities. The agents of the centre visit places in the city where street children are often found like markets, bus stations and town alleys.

They organize listening and sensitization sessions, the centre will then proceed with the reintegration of children that are willing to leave the life on the streets behind. Centre Marembo regroups the children in two houses, based on the rehabilitation period that is expected.

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Photo by ARC


Gihembe is a camp of Congolese refugees located in Gicumbi District, home to 12,904 residents.  American Refugee Committee manages Shelter/Construction, WASH, Health, Nutrition, and Livelihoods/Economic Recovery sectors in Gihembe.

Following attacks by armed groups at Mudende camp, the Government of Rwanda and UNHCR decided to move refugees far from the border, and then Gihembe camp was established to accommodate survivors of those attacks that had caused several causalities to some of these refugees.

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Khaya Centre: Mount Olive

The Khaya Centre is a non-profit organization ministering  to the human needs of people infected and affected with HIV/AIDS and other terminal illness, while being the best provider in regards to community excellence and also providing spiritual support where needed.

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Outside Door of Hope Children's Mission, photo by Paul Lynch

Door of Hope

Door of Hope seeks to help meet the needs of abandoned, abused and orphaned children in South Africa, by providing loving and stable Christian environments, so that they may grow up to be people that have a positive effect in South Africa and the world.

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Hope Jones

The Hope Jones Foundation is a non-profit organization in Port Elizabeth, South Africa which was started with the goal to raise funds to enable children with mental and Physical challenges to reach their full potential.

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Sibahle Community Project

The Sibahle Community’s goal is to create a sustainable network of people in a community, working together to feed and care for each other, using human ingenuity and readily available resources.

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Neema Village

Neema Village began as “Neema House” in 2012 as a rescue center for abandoned, orphaned and at risk babies in Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa.

During that time, more than one hundred eighty-five babies have been rescued, many abandoned babies have now been adopted and others who had lost their mothers during the birth were saved and have now been able to return home to an extended family member.

Neema lives by the idea of creating “Families not Orphanages.” This belief is part of Neema’s core values.

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Care For Africa Foundation

The Foundation has already participated in several projects in some of the poorest parts of Africa—Tarime in the Mara Region of Tanzania and in Southern Kenya. Many more projects have been identified in these areas, including sending orphans to school, stocking libraries in schools, and providing running water to local health care facilities.

The Foundation’s key partner in Tanzania is the Tarime Goodwill Foundation, run by Dr. Hudson Winani. 

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Sunshine Acres Children's Home

Sunshine Acres provides a loving, wholesome, Christian home for children who are separated from their parents and help them establish long-term relationships with stable parental figures, preparing them for success in adult life.

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Chandler I AM

Chandler I AM is an excellent cause for those struggling with opioid addiction. This cause does a great job getting help to people who need it.

We are proud to support this cause and help save peoples lives.

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AZ Med Foundation

WorldPix is supporting the people of Myanmar and Cambodia through Arizona Medical Clinic, a local medical facility that provides health care to Myanmar and Cambodian refugees in the Phoenix area of the United States.

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