Angkor Wat – a UNESCO World Heritage site. Photo courtesy of Kathryn Dannay.

CambodiaLanding in Siem Reap, Cambodia appears very Americanized and modern. Angkor Wat – Unesco World Heritage site, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is the main draw and people flock from all corners of the world to experience this amazing historical site. Nested in the jungle around Ankor Wat are various other temple complexes. Tourism enables the area to flourish.

But just beyond the beautiful hotels and restaurants, the countryside tells a different story. Although people are working to improve their conditions as evidenced by more updated houses, the vast majority live in poverty without access to medical resources. A doctor’s visit is cost prohibitive. Most people only go when they are very sick (with relatives funding the visit), and more often than not, a condition that would have been treatable with an early diagnosis is now terminal.


At a road side stand, a women hand makes palm candy for sale. Photo courtesy of Kathryn Dannay.

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World Pix has partnered with the Anjali House in Siem Reap, Cambodia, to make a difference in the lives of Cambodian children.

Anjali House

Anjali House supports underprivileged children through education, healthcare and the arts.

With extreme poverty and a relatively high cost of medical care in Cambodia, many Cambodian children do not receive adequate healthcare and consequently suffer from potentially life threatening illnesses.

A great number of children here are malnourished and do not have access to clean drinking water. Anjali House is dedicated to improving and maintaining the physical health and development of our kids. []

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Photographers, Jeff Dannay and Kathryn Dannay, have artwork that supports Cambodia.