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Neema Village

Arusha, Tanzania

Make An Impact in A Childs life

About Neema Village


Neema Village operating in the city of Arusha, Tanzania, and is a rescue center for orphaned, abandoned and at-risk babies.  

Babies who have been left on the roadside, on porches, in yards, left alone in houses and even in latrines come to Neema when hospitals and police stations call asking for help.

Neema Village - 24/7 Care

With a staff of forty full time Tanzanians there is twenty-four-hour care, seven days a week at Neema.  At Neema Village they have all found love and care.

Setting Up For Success

Since the beginning in June 2012, one hundred and fourteen babies have been helped by Neema Village.  Twenty babies have been adopted and nineteen have been returned to an extended family member

Mission Statement

Neema Village has the following mission:

  • RESCUING abandoned, orphaned, and at-risk babies
  • REUNITING children with extended families and promoting adoptions
  • RESTORING hope to women through education, business opportunities, parenting skills and spiritual guidance
  • RENEWING dignity to AIDs widows
Neema Village Receives WorldPix Artwork and Donation

Meet Mercy, A Neema Village Success Story

This sweet baby girl came to live at Neema on Sept 10, 2016. She and her twin, Mary, were born prematurely and have been at the hospital since their birth on June 9th.

Unfortunately their mom died and the grandmother has been caring for the babies in the hospital but could not continue.

We lose so many moms from complications during childbirth here in Africa. It is so sad for these little ones who lose their moms at the most critical time in their lives. Formula is very expensive and out of the reach of most African families.

With no sterile water, no electricity for refrigeration and little medical help out in the villages many of these little motherless ones will not survive. But you can help Neema care for them. Sponsorships start at $30 a month but it costs us $300 per month to keep a baby at Neema. Any amount per month you can help will be greatly appreciated. See how you can help: Sponsor a Baby

Neema House Child

Purchasing a print from WorldPix enables WorldPix to provide financial support to Neema Village, helping these children receive an education and prepare them for adulthood with a future.

For a one of kind experience, Neema Village also offers volunteer opportunities to work onsite with the organization and the children.