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Paul Lynch, WorldPix Co-Founder

Dr-Paul-Lynch-profilePaul Lynch, M.D., double board-certified and fellowship-trained interventional pain physician, has dedicated his life to the eradication of pain. He is passionate about treating the most complex pain cases in a comprehensive, integrative, and holistic approach, offering alternative medicine therapies and the most innovative, minimally-invasive procedures. Dr. Lynch is the co-founder of Arizona Pain SpecialistsPaindoctor.comHolistic Pain, and Boost Medical.

Paul (as he describes) has two sides of his brain that constantly compete for his attention. In most people the recessive part of our brain takes a back seat to our dominant side. This usually takes the form of hobbies where we struggle to find time to explore them. We will work 48 weeks a year in a field that uses the dominant side of our brain. Those other four weeks of “vacation” are used to satisfy our recessive part.  With Paul it is different.

He has a very logical part that likes math, numbers, and science, and medicine. There is his creative side that fuels him equally. He plays the piano, the guitar, writes music, and sings. This started at a young age for Paul. When he was in high school, it was mostly the piano. When college came along, he would play the guitar and write songs.  Then during his medical career, the creative side was pushed down a bit. He needed to completely focus on medicine. Over time, a sense of frustration set in as he needed to express himself in other ways.

Paul in action.
Paul in action.

Then Paul caught the photography bug. If any of you ever caught this bug, you now understand Paul’s obsession.  It’s a bug that cannot be easily cured. Of course, why would you want it cured? Paul had caught a serious case. He started in NY during his residency taking street (portrait) photos in NY. As you might imagine, this could be quite dangerous. Paul quickly learned that the longer the lens, the better!  He would often take photos of people across the street, completely out of view of the subject. This experience now helps him with the wild animals of Africa.

With all of his accomplishments, Paul is quite humble. But when asked what was his inspiration was/is in photography, he gets a twinkle in his eye.  “I’d like to be the Ansel Adams of safari photography.” I love black and whites and what he does with burning and dodging. He is also inspired by David Yarrow. When you look at Paul’s work, David Yarrow screams out. ( Check out Paul’s gallery and look at David’s website.  There is much in common in style.

In the zone. That is how Paul describes how he feels when he is out in the field shooting or at home editing his photos. Hours can go by and not even know it. Take a look at a couple of Paul’s favorite images with the story behind the shot.

AT2V0548-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit4 Lions. This shot was taken in Maasai Mara in August of 2015. On September 2, one day after the official formation of WorldPix, he was contacted by National  Geographic. His shot was selected as photo of the day! He now believed that this was a sign we were on the right track. Because it was a Friday, the photo was the National Geographic site home page for the entire weekend. Can you imagine how many times Paul checked that page? To Paul, this was humbling, inspiring, and gave him a strong feeling that “we can do this!” And to top things off, it was shot on his very last day of safari, edited in the back of jeep. He knew he had a good one when he pressed the shutter.
AT2V6625-Edit-Edit-2Lion Looking Right. This shot was taken in Maasai Mara in August of 2015. This is one of his favorite shots. He was at Mara River trying to get shots of a Wildebeest crossing. But they were not cooperating. They would line up, thousands of them, waiting for one of them to cross the river. But for some unknown reason, they remained on the other side of the river. Paul sat all day watching. Frustrated, they drove down the river where they spotted this beautiful (handsome?) lion with a long flowing mane. Positioning himself below the lion (a la David Yarrow), sunset in the background, he took this shot. It reminds him of a bride on her wedding day.

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