WorldPix Foundation

Kenya Children's Home

Co-founders of Worldpix, Paul and Ryan, will be traveling to Kenya in July to welcome Kenya Children’s Home as one of the charity organisations supported by Worldpix.  We are excited to make a significant donation from the proceeds of images sold in Kenya over the last year.   The photographs sold at are premium photographic prints donated by photographers from all over around the world.  The proceeds from print sales are directed to support a cause selected by the photographer in the country where the photograph was captured.   Kenya Children’s Homes (KCH) is our selected Cause in Kenya. KCH was established by the Balcraig Foundation in 2002 when the Scottish charity took over the running of the former Thomas Barnardo House in Nairobi. The orphanage is the flagship project of KCH and is home to up to 200 orphaned, destitute and abandoned babies and children at any one time. Since its inception, KCH has grown significantly, extending its support far beyond the reach of the Nairobi orphanage, with the commencement and development of many other community projects throughout Kenya.  These projects continue to enrich the lives of many hundreds of Kenyan children and adults every day.  
  After visiting KCH, the team will self-drive to Maasai Mara where we will capture the beauty of Kenya through photography.   As always the proceeds of the sale of these images will go back to support local causes and we are so excited to help the kids at KCH.   In 2018 WorldPix has begun operating workshops and Safaris as part of our mission.  Part of this trip will be planning upcoming Safaris for 2019.   Paul and Ryan last visited Kenya in 2015 and were successful in accomplishing the Worldpix Mission of using the power of a photograph: …to tell a story   …to touch a life   …to inspire action   …to provide insight   …to provide enjoyment   These are just 3 of the images captured displaying the beauty of wildlife in Kenya.   By making a donation through the purchase of a fine art photographic print, you change a life today.  All proceeds of prints photographed in Kenya will be donated to Kenya Children’s Homes.     Wish us luck to make as much progress as possible! There are many people needing support and we would like to do more to help.  If you are interested in joining us on a Safari or Workshop please reach out and let us know, we are putting together a list now for some exciting upcoming events and we would love to have you join us!