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Photographer: Ryan plakonouris

Location: Kruger National Park, South Africa

Description: I have seen this before, while I was on foot: a hungry Lion within meters of me! 

30 years ago my family and I were on a walking Safari in the Kruger National Park and on a game trail we found a crossing of ants. I was naturally at the back of the line, intrigued by their ability to follow their own path, we crouched down not realizing we had just passed an injured and very hungry Lion! He growled and the Rangers quickly loaded. When I turned I was closest to it and as always my dad took some panicky pictures of the Lion that could have eaten me! Not sure what else he could have done so I am glad he took the pictures. The Lion was weak from a fight, was fairly emaciated, and had a broken back close to his hips. 

We all obeyed the instructions to slowly retreat as best we could and managed to back out from an attack! Only realizing later what a close call it was. 

This time around I was in the safety of a game vehicle while this Lion walked close up behind us. His face and eyes remind me of the one that nearly got me! Both looked menacing and on edge. This Lion is one of 4 brothers and looks to be the runt. The angle of this shot while going downhill helped to get an eye-level perspective that also resembled that day on foot.


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