African Causes

Africa is a very large and populous continent, this continent boasts 11.7 million square miles and as of 2016, accounts for 1.2 billion of the worlds population – thats 16%. With the mass population, there are many people in need. WorldPix has many initiatives and gives to many African causes.

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Kenya – Kenya is a beautiful country located on the west portion of this spacious continent. World Pix has many initiatives in Kenya.

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Rwanda – Found just east of Tanzania and Kenya. This beautiful country is home to beautiful wildlife, scenery and many opportunities to give to some amazing people.

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South Africa – This is the southern most country on this beautiful continent. The natural light in this beutiful country makes for some outstanding photographs.

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Tanzania – Located in West Africa, this beautiful country has some of the most exotic creatures on the planet. The landscape of Tanzania paints a beautiful canvas for photographers.

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Please take a hard look at all the amazing opportunities to purchase and give to our African causes. We know you will fall in love in these countries and causes as much as our photographers have. We look forward to adding more photographs and helping more people with your continued, generous support!