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Tanya Houpermans
Tanya Houpermans just before another dive. Welcome!

WorldPix is thrilled to welcome Tanya Houppermans as an affiliate photographer. She specializes in underwater photography prodcuing some amazing images of sharks and other marine animals. The colors and composition are wonderful and will delight your senses. Please check out her gallery.

Tanya was late in starting her photography career, beginning in 2014. In just three years she has come a long way. After years in the corporate world being a mathematician, she made the difficult decision to throw away the money and begin to do the things she loves: photography and scuba diving. It was even better to combine both joys into an art form, creating some amazing images.

Beneath the Waves

As a scuba diver, she fell in love sharks including Sand Tigers, Hammerheads, Makos, and Blues to name a few. This love for sharks blossoming with her love for photography drove her to think about the plight of the shark. How could she help them? So many sharks are killed each year, mostly for the fins. Angered and frustrated she had to do something. She got involved with Beneath the Waves, a charity whose charter is “to conserve, protect, and restore the health of our oceans through research and education.” By donating some of her award-winning images she has been helping the cause.

Tanya’s upbringing was not easy. It got even more difficult when she found out her son Richard is autistic. Luckily he has her genes as Richard has found an inner peace in the water. Like his mother he loves the ocean and the sea creatures within. Within just a few years he has become a certified and avid scuba diver. Tanya’s heart bursts with joy when she can scuba dive with her buddy and son. As a family, they travel the world scuba diving in some very exotic places. While scuba diving, Tanya works her art – taking wonderful wide-angle photographs of the sharks. These photos allow us to feel like we are swimming among them even if we are in the comforts of our home.


Her love for the scuba diving and her son brought her to a charity that is near and dear – Diveheart. At Diveheart they make a difference with autistic people through diving and water therapy. Richard’s life is some much more fulfilled because of Diveheart. Seeing the improvements in Richard, Tanya knows the people at Diveheart make a difference in many disabled peoples’ lives.

Although busy with her growing photography business, Tanya just keeps going. She is now trained (with her husband) to be a dive buddy with those who have disabilities. She now brings paraplegics scuba diving, enriching their lives immensely. Wow!

We are proud to have Tanya Houppermans, a passionate shark conservationist, a loving mother, and an excellent photographer, as one of our team. We absolutely lover her photographs as we know you will too.