Beneath the Waves

Beneath the Waves – conserving sharks and their habitats

Beneath the Waves, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is working to conserve, protect, and restore the health of our oceans through research and education. Founded in 2009,Beneath the Waves conduct cutting-edge scientific research on threatened marine species that has already resulted in real-world conservation victories. In addition, we produce immersive and engaging media pieces that connect the public to the ocean.

Beneath the Waves’ mission is to conserve sharks and their habitats they occupy by conducting cutting-edge scientific research and use their findings to inform environmental policy and educate the public. Specifically they, conduct timely scientific research aimed at generating solutions for pressing ocean conservation issues. Their primary cause is shark conservation, and they are currently engaged in several projects worldwide including studies on migration, habitat use, and physiology. They also tell powerful and inspiring stories through media and create calls to action with their environmental documentary series, “The Global Connection.”

One of WorldPix’s photographer affiliates, Tanya Houppermans, supports this cause.

While many organizations tend to focus solely on either research, education, or conservation, Beneath the Waves (BTW) has combined all three into a more holistic approach to protecting our oceans and the animals who live there. BTW describes itself as “…a global platform for ocean conservation, education, and discovery. Our mission is to raise awareness regarding critical marine issues, foster the advancement of science, and promote the protection of our oceans.” BTW is based out of the U.S., but they are involved in research and conservation efforts worldwide. The CEO, Dr. Austin Gallagher, is a friend of mine and a respected marine biologist whose work concentrates on shark research and conservation. 

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