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WorldPix is honored to be able to contribute to Sunshine Acres Children’s Home. It is a real privilege to be to donate to such a worthy cause. 

Accepted into College!

We at WorldPix were recently provided with the opportunity to celebrate an important occasion with the children at one of our supported charities. The charity, Sunshine Acres provides a loving, wholesome, Christian home for children who are separated from their parents and helps them establish long-term relationships with stable parental figures, preparing them for success in adult life. We at WorldPix support Sunshine Acres through a number of activities. One of those activities is in training high school students in the art of taking standardized academic tests, helping to prepare them for taking academic SAT, ACT, and National Merit PSAT tests.

We now had the happy opportunity to celebrate two successes this month. Two of the students participating in the Academic Test preparation course have recently been admitted to college. We were able to announce their acceptance and celebrate with the entire Sunshine Acres community at dinner with cakes honoring the two students.

Children on the playground
Children in the classroom

One student, admitted to Grand Canyon University, aspires to a career in teaching, either as a kindergarten teacher, or as a mathematics teacher. It was discovered during class that she is very gifted in mathematics. Her beginning educational years had been severely limited due to family problems. She had no idea, until she took our class, that she was actually gifted in math and she loves math. She is now considering teaching high school mathematics so as to not waste her gift. Either way she has achieved an important step toward an important and rewarding career.

The other young lady has been accepted to Azuza Pacific College. She aspires to have a career in music therapy. She is taking our class so she can improve her SAT score in an effort to get a better scholarship for this great college.

Other Sunshine acres students expressed interest in going to college too and wanted to learning more about our Academic Test preparation course. We are so happy our efforts are starting to pay off in the lives of children who want to make their futures better.

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