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Lone Quiver


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Photographer: Ryan Plakonouris

Location: Safari in Namibia which is where most of the Quiver trees occur. 

Description: The tree is called a Quiver tree that is indigenous to Southern Africa. The tree gets it’s name from the tradition of the San people who hollowed out its branches to make the quivers for their arrows. They grow in extremely arid areas and take many many years to become mature plants. While I was guiding a private photo safari to Namibia our group had spent the entire day searching for a  great shot of these trees. We photographed many and this was my last frame of the day. It was dusk, close to dark and I didn’t expect to be happy with it but I knew I needed to finish shooting. There was a faint sunset glow on the horizon to the right and I was shooting 8 seconds at F13. I have had the opportunity to shoot these unique trees before but this is definitely my best one.


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