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John Weatherby Gallery


John is a Tampa based photographer who discovered his passion for photography while working as a waiter in college. While managing the companies social media accounts, John began to learn how to take better photos, eventually investing in a DSLR  and lighting equipment. Venturing away from the hospitality industry, John began to take photos of his hometown (Tampa Bay) which immediately gained the attention of the community and affirmed that he could turn his passion into a successful career.

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Our New Mission

As the Covid-19 outbreak continues to spread around the globe, we wanted to let all of our affiliates, donors, supporters and causes know we are still working to assist those most in need.  

We are grateful to have a very dedicated team positioned around the world who are all able to continue their work helping when and where they can.

Currently our focus is to support our causes with buying food and diapers for the children they serve, more vegetables will need to be grown for the clinics working with people who are HIV positive. We know there will be more displacement of people who are already less fortunate and struggling and WorldPix exists to support these issues.

The time to help is now, more so now than in the last 100 years!

We humbly request that you think about how you can help and act on that while staying safe and taking heed of important information and direction to help bring Covid-19 under control.

Stay safe
WorldPix team