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For me photography started when I was a child and my mum, on a special occasion, let me borrow her Pentax and I loved the feel and sound of the shutter. Fast-forward some years and my wonder turned into an a full blown obsession. I liked to experiment with lots of different subjects, in camera and post production techniques. I then had to spend some time in a clinical solitary hospital room. I know that’s why I now spend so much time trying to capture the wild moods of the Scottish Highlands.The mountains, my camera and my pup have been beneficial in my recovery. I’ve spent a lot of time planning a shot, thinking about light, time of day, composition etc and gone out at silly hours only to be defied by the weather, so now I fully admit to being an opportunist. I take my kit everywhere I go, I absorb myself in nature and wildlife and if I come home with a shot I like it’s a bonus. I have learned not to take photography so seriously. It’s great to be inspired and learn from others but as Theodore Roosevelt said “comparison is the thief of joy.” words which I now live by.

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Our New Mission

As the Covid-19 outbreak continues to spread around the globe, we wanted to let all of our affiliates, donors, supporters and causes know we are still working to assist those most in need.  

We are grateful to have a very dedicated team positioned around the world who are all able to continue their work helping when and where they can.

Currently our focus is to support our causes with buying food and diapers for the children they serve, more vegetables will need to be grown for the clinics working with people who are HIV positive. We know there will be more displacement of people who are already less fortunate and struggling and WorldPix exists to support these issues.

The time to help is now, more so now than in the last 100 years!

We humbly request that you think about how you can help and act on that while staying safe and taking heed of important information and direction to help bring Covid-19 under control.

Stay safe
WorldPix team