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For me photography started when I was a child and my mum, on a special occasion, let me borrow her Pentax and I loved the feel and sound of the shutter. Fast-forward some years and my wonder turned into an a full blown obsession. I liked to experiment with lots of different subjects, in camera and post production techniques. I then had to spend some time in a clinical solitary hospital room. I know that’s why I now spend so much time trying to capture the wild moods of the Scottish Highlands.The mountains, my camera and my pup have been beneficial in my recovery. I’ve spent a lot of time planning a shot, thinking about light, time of day, composition etc and gone out at silly hours only to be defied by the weather, so now I fully admit to being an opportunist. I take my kit everywhere I go, I absorb myself in nature and wildlife and if I come home with a shot I like it’s a bonus. I have learned not to take photography so seriously. It’s great to be inspired and learn from others but as Theodore Roosevelt said “comparison is the thief of joy.” words which I now live by.

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