AZ Med Foundation


WorldPix is supporting the people of Myanmar and Cambodia through AZ Med Foundation, a local medical facility that provides health care to Myanmar and Cambodian refugees in the Phoenix area of the United States.

The AZ Med Foundation was established in June of 2009 by Drs B. Andy Le and Linda S. Som. A husband and wife team which began the clinic with the vision to serve and uplift a community through caring for families through compassionate, evidence based, and preventative medicine. In addition to providing care for the underserved in Phoenix they have also taken on the task of caring for the large refugee population in Arizona.  Chief among these refugees are those displaced from the political strife in Myanmar.

Dr. Som who was once a refugee herself said she understands the struggles these refugees are going through.  Now that she is a physician she stated that “if I can do it, they can do it”.  She hopes her service as a physician and treating them as her patients is a way of encouraging them in their own lives.

Along with providing medical care and vaccinations for this group, theAZ Med Foundation began throwing a Christmas party every year for the refugees from Myanmar and several other countries.   Last year over 1000 refugees attended the party and were treated to games, food and presents.  For many of them it was there very first experience with Christmas.

Here are some videos of their Annual Children Around the World Christmas Parties